Arqui9 Visualisation is an award winning studio, located South of London, dedicated to the art of crafting architectural visualisations for the (un)built environment.

Located just 40 minutes from Central London in Surrey, we integrate the latest in terms of digital representation technology integrated with our unique and artistic approach to each individual project (no matter the scale). We’ve grown steadily and firmly in the architectural rendering world and have earned the trust and appreciation of many of the worlds leading architectural practices. Offering various visualisation solutions, including,

The design process is one of constant flux and flow, as a result we’ve tailored our process to be able to compliment and extend beyond this, allowing for early concepts to flourish into finished spatial representations through the process of adaptation and change that is architecture.


Email: info@arqui9.com

Office: +44 (0) 1737 223342

Address: Suite 4C, Alma House, Alma Rd, Reigate, UK



“ Arqui9 quickly captured the project background and our design intention, working in harness to offer an outstanding quality of visualisation service.

Through their unique artistic interpretations, Arqui9 delivers clear pictures of unbuilt projects that Gansam Architects wish to envisage.

We had a very pleasant experience with Arquis9, as they successfully enhanced our project quality through their skills, offering further insights in the visualised architectural space.

Overall, we believe Arqui9 tops in creating an incredibly artistic architectural atmosphere and greatly contributes to clients’ projects ”.

- John Juhyung Chun, Architectural/Computational Designer at Gansam Architects

“ Working with a team of creatives capable to convey your design intent the way Pedro and his team at Arqui9 does is simply a blessing.

For this project we had the difficult task to design according many different site specific conditions, and this needed to be reflected on every part of the design, visuals included. Not only the Architectural language was perfectly achieved, but the whole atmosphere was set in way we couldn’t even imagine at the beginning of the design.

Since then, we’ve worked closely in many successful projects together since we know for a fact Arqui9 vision’s ends up being an extension of ours ”.

- Gabriel D, Senior Project Architect at Perkins+Will Dubai



Our office are located a quick 40 minute commute from Central London, directly to Reigate Train Station in beautiful Surrey.

Email: info@arqui9.com

Office: +44 (0) 1737 223342

Address: Suite 4C, Alma House, Alma Road, Reigate, RH2 0AX


We are always on the lookout for the latest talents on the architectural visualisation scene. Currently we are looking for :

  • – Mid to Senior level Architectural Visualisation artists with 2 to 3 years experience.
  • – Mid level Graphic Designer with experience in UX design.
  • – Junior Architectural Visualisation artists.
  • – Intern Positions available for Graphic Designers.

Please mail through to info@arqui9.com



Creatives from around the world, sharing the same passion.

Interested in joining the team ? See our open positions in the contact section.

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